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Having non-functioning parts is not an option, and that is why companies trust GTC. Our technicians undergo specialized training and have the expertise to focus on the details. We are able to properly diagnose problems quickly and efficiently.

Whether we are remanufacturing, or testing the cards that have had a long shelf life, you can have confidence in every delivery box bearing the GTC name.

In addition to the many industrial manufactured controls we test, repair, and refurbish, we use fully energized panels to perform functional testing on all GE Speedtronic Mark™ and Excitation Control circuit boards. Each repair comes with a test report and warranty information for the work done.

The EXTEND™ Warranty Program

Your control systems are critical to your operations, which is why maintaining a supply of backup components for non-current legacy systems is commonplace. Our product tracking methods, Test & Certification analysis, and optional EXTEND™ warranty program help maintain the quality and value of your initial GTC investment.

GTC Control Solutions has the solution. Our EXTEND™ warranty program allows you to extend your warranty up to three additional years.*


GTC’s Longevity™ allows you to keep your controls for the remaining life of your plant.

The OEM says your equipment is “obsolete” and wants you to upgrade.
GTC calls it “Classic”, with the ability to operate safely and reliably for as long as you need.

With our Longevity™ Program, operators secure the continued reliability of their original systems through GTC’s supply of Spares, Repairs and Services for their Turbine Controls, Excitation, Vibration Monitoring, Fire Protection, LCI, Flame Scanners, and HMIs.

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