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Your control systems are critical to your operations, which is why maintaining a supply of backup components for non-current legacy systems is commonplace. Our product tracking methods, Test & Certification analysis, and optional EXTEND™ warranty program help maintain the quality and value of your initial GTC investment.

GTC Control Solutions has the solution. Our EXTEND™ warranty program allows you to extend your warranty up to three additional years.*

The EXTEND™ Warranty Program

Contact us today to learn more about our EXTEND™ Warranty program.

*An extended warranty may be available for certain times. For eligible items, unless otherwise specified in quotation, acknowledgment or invoice, the standard price of an Extended Warranty is 10% of the invoiced price per each Extended Warranty period purchased. Price may vary for certain items. Base Extended Warranty period is one year, or half of the initial warranty period, whichever is shorter. A maximum of four Extended Warranty periods may be purchased for New and Repaired items, and a maximum of three extended periods for Remanufactured. Extended Warranty may not be available for all items. A minimum purchase of $250 per warranted item is required. All other terms apply.

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