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Since 2001, GTC has been the world’s recognized leader in power plant controls offering the largest inventory of new & reman parts. The relationships we create with our users extend beyond the sale, offering a variety of services as trusted advisors to help you Keep the Control.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our users say.

I hereby state that since 2020, GTC Control Solutions has been a reliable service provider and a provider of new and reman spare parts for Turbine control systems in the “CCV”. GTC Control Solutions has demonstrated excellent results in repairs carried out with reduced delivery items, commercial flexibility, and technical assistance during the bidding process. I authorize this letter and our contact information to be shared by GTC as a reference to its work with potential clients.

Guillermo – CCV

At our Bayou Cove plant with 4× 7EA DLN 1.0 in Peaking Service we had a situation with our Megawatt (MW) transducers. One of the two MW transducers connected to each GE Mark V Turbine Control Panel occasionally froze (always the same brand). Due to the “Hi-select” block, the frozen MW transducer caused the units to runback or trip. We consulted with your Chief Engineer, Mr. Abel Rochwarger, and he offered the following solution:

  1. Detect the frozen transducer with quite a, it is fair to say, creative solution.
  2. Replace the “Hi Select” block with a more suitable one that will avoid the unit to runback or trip.

Because of the singularity of the issue, and the trust we developed over the years with GTC’s controls engineering capabilities, we agreed with the plan. The novel solution was implemented and successfully validated. This testimonial is to remark on the continuous support provided by the whole GTC Control Solutions Team with parts, repairs, service, EEPROM backup and care, always with timely responsiveness and a friendly approach. We do not let anybody “touch” our controls because we consider GTC Control Solutions more than a Trusted Advisor: you are part of our team.

Bryan O. – Cleco Bayou Cove Plant

“We needed upgraded parts for overnight delivery to avoid any outages. They were able to upgrade the resistors as requested and shipped overnight to us. We were impressed GTC’s prompt attention to request and fulfillment & it was a pleasure working with Bret Stevenson & Laura Connell.”

Sasha G. – Calpine-Bosque Energy Center

“Our GE Mark IV Card was not working and the units we had on shelf for backup did not work when installed. GTC had unit in stock and able to ship within hours so we could receive the next day to get up and running. They were very attentive to the immediate need and gave me fantastic service to help us get back running. William Evans and Laura Connell are great!”

Barb D. – Energy Center Dover

“There is a local lack of knowledge of older GE Speedtronic systems in our territory. We contacted GTC & established a service contract for spare parts and this proved to be so valuable.  They have a depth of knowledge in the systems and support for repaired/remanufactured hardware. GTC’s professionalism made business a far simpler process.”

Ken S. – Synergy, Australia

“We were in desperate need for a large contactor for our GE EX2100e excitation system.  Lead time through our normal sources was approximately 85 days.  We made the call to GTC and spoke with Will.  They had the complete refurbished unit in stock and Will personally drove after hours to our location to deliver the unit within a few hours. Needless to say, it’s hard to find customer service like that in today’s world.  We are grateful for the service and knowledge that GTC has been able to provide us.  We have also used them recently to source some no longer available RTP PLC cards as well.  What they are not able to find new or refurbished, they are able to repair.  Can’t say thank you enough for your assistance this year.”

Chris H. – CPV St. Charles

“By means of this communication, from the Thermal Production Center of Soto de Ribera of the EDP Spain group, I would like to record the service provided by GTC CONTROL SOLUTIONS as a supplier of reconditioned parts for use as spare parts in some control systems of our equipment. I highlight the transparency and flexibility shown by this supplier throughout the consultation, bidding and supply process, as well as the quality of the elements finally delivered. I authorize this testimonial to be used by GTC Control Solutions as a reference of its work to other potential clients.”

Jose G. – EDP Espana

“Laura Connell is Fantastic. The customer service she gives me is Top Shelf. She provides fast and accurate answers that allow me to direct my station it’s best results by shortening down time. Finding inventory and speaking with knowledgeable people who know how to deliver customer service, Laura was able to answer all my questions about Mark VI parts. One person can make or break a company. Laura Connell is a big reason I work with GTC!”

Craig F. – IHI Power Service Energy

I want to thank the team at GTC for their response and providing equipment for our LCI. Laura answered the phone, quickly looked up parts needed, and confirmed current quantity of items on the shelf ready to ship – all within the first three minutes. Once I explained the desire for quick delivery, I received a quote promptly, and the GTC technicians performed check outs of the cards ordered on that same day and got them out the door. Parts were delivered on site within approximately 24 hours of ordering them, installed, and worked as expected.

BJ– Rumford Power LLC

We are very satisfied with GTC Control Solutions for the quality, speed, and service provided in the repair of Mark V Control Systems Components. Emphasis its proactivity, flexibility, and predisposition to our requirements allow this testimonial and our reference information to be used for your customers.

Alberto – Iberdrola

GTC & Staff provide excellent service. We have utilized their technical support personnel, and purchased numerous items from their inventory. GTC is a huge reason… that we meet and exceed our customer’s expectations, year after year!”

John – Ethos Energy

I am a buyer with Hilcorp and work with dozens and dozens of vendors. Laura Connell with GTC is one of my favorites to work with. Laura’s care and customer service goes way beyond average, it’s top-notch.
Her replies are quick, knowledgeable, and informative. Thanks for everything you do Laura!

Porsche – Hilcorp

I just wanted to say thanks for the quick help on resolving the unplanned trip of our TG5 turbine generator at our West Monroe mill last month. You really helped minimize the downtime and cost to the mill by taking the time to answer some technical questions and assist our onsite technicians with their troubleshooting. Even though it only took a few minutes to answer the questions, It’s the quick responses to unplanned events that make a difference.

Richard – Graphic Packaging International

I wanted to thank you for the Awesome training that focused on the areas requested. The training and interaction with the team was really good, your knowledge and experience really gave a lot of insight into our system that helped the team a lot. We definitely are in a way better position to go into the run season and future on a plant knowledge and Mark V system than before for sure.

Again it was an absolute pleasure and a treat to meet you and I am very grateful for the plant side items you were able to guide the team thru to make the plant better and provide training along the way.

Larry – Darby Power LLC

Conformity for acquisition of electronic control components! It is recorded that the supplier GTC has proceeded to deliver 3 components of the control system of our GE MS5001 turbine, to our satisfaction in our facilities, in correct packaging. We highlight proactivity such as flexibility and predisposition to attend to our requirements. Waiting for the acquisition of new components.

Aceros – Aceros Zapla

Thank you for the quick and detailed service, you guys did amazing!! We appreciate your business and look forward to doing more in the future.

Gabriel – Martinez Refining Company

We were looking for a DS200TCEAG1A board that was apparently hard and rare to come by.
GTC had one cad in stock that could met our criteria. What impressed me most about GTC is their willingness to assist us with what we needed.  Obviously, it being an emergency there was an expediting fee to get us to front of line, but we were made aware of this ahead of time.

Brian – Talen Energy

Thank you for all the support you provided us in getting our unit back available. We received the new TCCA board this morning and installed it. We had a communication issue to the HMI that was resolved by a reboot of the TMOS server.

Unit was tested and ran fine. Thanks again for all the help.

Robert – Lake Worth Beach Electric Utilities

GTC Control Systems was able to quickly provide us the with the parts needed when our Frame 5 GE Turbine went down unexpectedly. They were willing and able to assist us with all of our questions.

Mike – Indianola Municipal Utilities (IMU)

We experienced a power supply fault that damaged 11 Speedtronic cards. Hence, we reached out to GTC to see if they could help.GTC was able to supply us with replacement cards and accommodated us with short lead time for replacements. Being that is was a holiday weekend, GTC did their very best to accommodate us.The response time and availability of replacement parts for the GE Speedtronic control system and the personnel that assisted us once the call was made for assistance. Because of this, it allowed us to quickly request a quote for the item in question and in turn purchase it. GTC’s expedite services allowed us to receive most of the items the very next day.

Leo – E.F. Barrett Gas Turbines

Rushed procurement of a card/module for excitation control panel (151X1207CK02SA01 600/1000v GENAUX Module base) was needed. A replacement of this part was quickly needed. GTC’s team moved quickly to locate card in inventory, testing card, and quick turnaround time on shipping a new card. The team also worked with our procurement/planning department to pay for the card and set us up as a new customer. The fact that the part number showed up on a google search directly connected to GTC’s website was impressive. Because of this, it allowed us to quickly request a quote for the item in question and in turn purchase it. GTC’s expedite services allowed us to receive the item the very next day.

George – BP

We were in need for support for our Bently Nevada Controls Model 3500. With some digging, we came to a conclusion that the issue was faulty probes and proximeters. Therefore, we needed to look for support. GTC was very quick and diligent in providing us options to resolve our current issue. After several conference calls, GTC and our group agreed upon an action plan. The plan consisted of a Technician to be sent to the site to resolve the issue at hand. The whole action plan was organized quite efficiently. The knowledge that the technician had, not only did he help resolve the issues but he had found issues that we didn’t even know we had, then he fixed those issues and made recommendations for future issues, not only are we extremely satisfied with this company and technical support it seems that they will be a fixture at our plant for outages to come!

Stasiu – NAES, Empire Generating

Our unit was down and we needed the necessary boards in order to get it operational. With one phone call, not only did GTC confirm they had the correct boards we needed, but they also ensured me that they would have it to me next day. I had two representatives assisting and following up with me throughout the day to let me know the status of my order. I was impressed with the fast response and follow through. Even after our parts had arrived, the representatives contacted me to make sure we received them and if we needed anything else.

Dominick – Portside Energy LLC (Portside Energy Facility)

I have nothing but High praise for GTC’s services and products. Since we switched to GTC for all our MKIV and MKV needs I have not yet experienced getting a bad card back from the repair vendor. This was not the case with our previous vendor. I have also attended a GTC MKIV training class (taught by Able), which I found very valuable.

Concerning this recent call out. I really appreciated getting work with Able, I find him to be a wealth
of knowledge. He was persistent at methodically drilling down to find the problem and quick to deal
with unexpected complications as they arose in the process.

As for services that could be marketed to TVA? Upgraded or improvements to the 7EA excitation system. MK6 specific training. A presentation on Logic and instrument changes that can be made to improve reliability, performance or ease of operation.

As to who these could be marketed to? I’m not sure. Maybe an engineering manager. In general TVA’s current plant managers and Regional managers are not well versed in how control changes and upgrades impact reliability and operation / man power costs.

John – TVA Johnsonville

Turbine Controls & Excitation Group (TC&E) is often called on to provide control system parts along with our services and troubleshooting. For over 10 years, GTC has been our ideal supplier. GTC’s afterhours or weekend response and personal attention has supported TC&E in returning dozens of forced outages in hours instead of days. We are grateful for GTC’s commitment to quality and excellence.

John – Turbine Controls & Excitation Group, Inc.

I always enjoy Abel because (1) the technical depth will be excellent yet easily accessible, (2) I know he’ll say several things to make me laugh. You’ll have one of those within the first minute and then you have to wait for the nerd quiz!! If you are in the energy industry and do not follow him on LinkedIn, well, you should. If you need help on the fence in your backyard, and you like to make scratch pizzas, then you should call him (and I will join) and we’ll have that 3hr task done in less than two shifts. But you’ll laugh all the way through with us. I commend this webinar to you. Enjoy.

Tom – GE

We had a forced outage on one of our four GE 7EA units due to EX2000 issues at our CLECO Bayou Cove Power Station, in Jennings, Louisiana.

GTC, our supplier and trusted advisor for turbine control, excitation control, and HMI interface, provided remote support, before they mobilized to site on very short notice. Arriving on a Friday, they provided excellent troubleshooting support, returning the unit to service before the weekend was over.

GTC’s specialist, Mr. Jim Sessions, closely collaborated with our personnel during his stay.
Mr. Sessions, with GTC’s usual professionalism, goodwill and without a request from us, also installed specialized data acquisition equipment to further analyze the situation for two weeks after his demobilization.

Therefore, and because of the consistent quality of parts and services you provide to our company, we are pleased to extend this testimonial to GTC, authorizing you to distribute this testimonial and our contact information as a reference for your customers.

Bryan – CLECO, Bayou Cove Power Station

GTC Control Solutions has provided excellent quality in the provision of supply and repair services for components of different types of controls, to the satisfaction of our Thermal Power Plants in the Balearic Islands. We’d like to highlight the proactivity, flexibility and predisposition in working with our requirements.

Eduardo – Endesa Enel

This month GTC Control Solutions successfully delivered a new Technical Support Service to update the Modbus communications between HMIs and our Foxboro DCS. GTC is our go-to supplier and trusted advisor for the Mark equipment and HMI interface, which we use to operate LM5000 turbines.

Due to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the urgency to implement the changes, we accepted the advice offered by GTC based on their experience and ability to carry out the job as a Remote Service.

GTC specialist, Mr. Abel Rochwarger, closely collaborated with our personnel and, in this case, with the Foxboro’s Service Representative. Abel delivered the required files on time and provided online support to install and commission the modifications. He also delivered the report detailing the proceedings with valuable recommendations.

To capture operational parameters of our turbines, these modifications save us time and will prevent transcription errors, ultimately improving the productivity of our Operations personnel.

Jairo – Proelectrica

GTC India Pvt. Ltd. have been our vendor since 2015, supplying and repairing goods to the highest level of satisfaction in terms of performance, and beyond the stipulated warranty period.

We had placed an order for GE MKIV cards and they answered our technical queries quickly and efficiently, and the items supplied by GTC India Pvt. Ltd. were as per the specifications given by us and the original OEM parts. We have had no issues to date, they are prompt, efficient and satisfactory.

Amit – Gas Turbine Power Station

Appreciation for technical support during trying times, the Martinez refinery performed a GTG major turnaround. The machine is a GE Frame 6B, it is operated/controlled utilizing the GE Mark V control platform (circa 1995).

Due to GE’s inability to support the obsolete Mark V control platform a couple years ago, we reviewed other support options. We chose to purchase Mark V controls components from GTC Control Solutions. They not only provided parts, but also remote technical support during these transactions.
Having experienced very positive knowledgeable support in the past, we decided to utilize GTC to accommodate the controls portion of the 2020 major outage.

Chief engineer, Abel Rochwarger, was scheduled to support the controls set up post TA. He was also commissioned to perform onsite Mark V training to site controls engineers. Due to restrictions and quarantines from COVID-19, we were unable to get Abel to the site. GTC offered full remote support of any and all TA controls needs. The turnaround went well and the controls components SRV, GCV, and IGV’s were all calibrated successfully.

Shortly after startup, the GTG experienced an intermittent failure of an exhaust thermocouple. During the phone consultation with Abel, it was pointed out we had a weakness in the Mark V exhaust spread trip logic. He provided start up technical assistance, expeditiously providing technical solutions minimizing any delays.

We cannot thank Abel and GTC Control Solutions enough for the flawless technical support provided over the last month. The Mark V configuration is complex and always seems to present new challenges.
Having a GTG and Mark V system expert such as Abel makes a huge difference.

Money well spent to minimize start up delay, not to mention a discounted cost for remote support while complying with the worldwide pandemic restrictions.

Thank you Abel and GTC Control Solutions!

Craig – Martinez Refining Company

I want to thank GTC Control Solutions for such a quick response and excellent service. Laura was outstanding to work with!

Alexander – Campos EPC

GTC Control Solutions provides spare parts and repairs of electronic components for gas turbine control systems to the full satisfaction of Central Port S.A. We would like to highlight their proactivity, such as the flexibility and predisposition for the attention of our requirements.

Fabian – Central Puerto

I am very appreciative of GTC for supporting one of our customers during the holiday season, they were having Mark VI control issues. Sam and Abel stepped up and were ready to provide technical support without any hesitation. Looking forward to doing more business with you in 2020!

Lawrence – Ethos Energy Group

Our plant blew a hardware stage on our LCI. Although it was very short notice, we heard back from GTC within 10 minutes and were given a quote for the items we needed. They had everything but one item, but it was quickly sourced from a distribution center in Florida and hand-delivered to us by a GTC representative before the first package had even arrived.

We had major concerns whether our plant would continue to receive the support we need. GTC exceeded our expectations with the responsive, professional and personalized services they demonstrated.

Thank you GTC – TJ, Sam, and Roger!

Kristopher – City of Tallahassee

GTC continues to provide high quality support in terms of spare parts, repairs, and field service for our Speedtronic Mark V systems.

Our relationship with GTC began in 2015 with an emergency request to perform special sequence modifications, which allowed us to successfully complete the Grid Compliance. In one instance, the team at GTC volunteered a significant credit acknowledging an overcharge due to a mismatch between the requested repair scope and the actual work performed, all without needing a formal claim from Proelectrica.

We conduct a yearly supplier review, and, to date, GTC has consistently maintained the level of commitment, flexibility and quality required by our strict vetting processes. The situation was opportunely informed to GTC by our Sourcing Department.

We expect to continue this fruitful relationship with GTC Control Solutions for years to come.

Alfredo – Proelectrica & CIA S.C.A.E.S.P.

As the head of Combined Cycle Power Plant Port of Barcelona, I certify that GTC provides supply and repair services of electronic control components for gas turbines regularly and satisfactorily.

Eduardo – Genaracion SAU – Naturgy

Qatalum has worked with GTC Control Solutions for the past 2 years now, and have entered into a Frame Agreement for the repair of GE Mark VIe, EX2100, LS2100, and Bently Nevada hardware including I/O Packs, Terminal Boards, VME Boards, and TDI Cards.

The service provided by GTC is excellent and has added significant value to our supply chain and maintenance strategy. The quality of work has exceeded our expectations and benefitted our Operational Costs by cutting expenses in control maintenance.

Before entering into the Agreement, Qatalum was invited to GTC’s facility in New York to view the test and repair operations. GTC provided demonstrations of their GE Control Panel setup that was used to fully test packs and cards after repair and before supply.

GTC’s facility is impressive, as well as the technical knowledge of all their technicians and support staff.
We have continued to receive a fast turnaround, while receiving zero discrepancies or faults. In addition

to the repair of hardware, GTC provides technical support and advice for all aspects of the related Control Panels.
Qatalum highly recommends GTC Control Solutions to any plant operators that are seeking a cost effective and efficient alternative to purchasing replacement cards, many of which are obsolete and no longer supported by the OEM.

Pat R. – Qatalum Power Group

Central Puerto is happy to receive high quality support from spare parts, to repairs, and field service for our Speedtronic systems.

Our company and GTC have developed a trustworthy relationship built upon the responsiveness, quality, flexibility and expertise with regards to all aspects of the Speedtronic Systems.
For example, the Control System Health Check carried out on-site demonstrated the depth and quality of the field services offered. The final report was delivered in a timely manner, meeting our quality expectations in terms of presentation, depth, and accuracy. Regarding spare parts and repairs, GTC always demonstrates a candid and flexible approach, which is key to resolve the situations that arise in the course of doing international business.

We plan on continuing this fruitful relationship with GTC Control Solutions for years to come!

Eng J. – Central Puerto

Due to their quality and price, GTC has become the preferred provider for maintaining Perennial Power’s GE Speedtronic Mark V Controls System.

For days we were having issues starting up one of our GE 7FA’s, so I called our GTC Engineer who was located on the other side of the globe. Without his laptop, he was able to walk our I&E Tech through the system, pinpointing the failed card. Once the card was installed, the unit successfully started.

We had asked about the cost and the GTC Engineer had said he was happy to help and there would be no charge.

Timothy – Perennial Power

GTC provided good support for our Generator Field Ground Fault Detector, DS3820NGDB1B. It was installed efficiently and everything is working properly.

Tehneht – GLOW Electrical Maintenance
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