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Jason brings over two decades of experience in the industrial electronics industry to ensure GTC delivers top-quality technical support to our end users and sales team. He designs and fabricates custom test fixtures to allow full functional testing of a diverse range of control systems, while providing tools, training and support for our repair centers in our U.S. and global locations.
When at the design bench, Jason uses multiple CAD/CAM tools to construct multi-layer circuit boards, and spends his day working close with GTC’s technical staff. During an average day he is also likely to provide technical knowledge to help facilitate company-wide efficient operations.
Given Jason’s technical background, people are often interested to learn that he and his wife had installed solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity for their home, which is heated only with wood and solar collectors. He designed his own radiant floor system featuring circulation pumps, valves, temperature and charge controllers, inverters and a battery bank.

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