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I have nothing but High praise for GTC’s services and products. Since we switched to GTC for all our MKIV and MKV needs I have not yet experienced getting a bad card back from the repair vendor. This was not the case with our previous vendor. I have also attended a GTC MKIV training class (taught by Able), which I found very valuable.

Concerning this recent call out. I really appreciated getting work with Able, I find him to be a wealth
of knowledge. He was persistent at methodically drilling down to find the problem and quick to deal
with unexpected complications as they arose in the process.

As for services that could be marketed to TVA? Upgraded or improvements to the 7EA excitation system. MK6 specific training. A presentation on Logic and instrument changes that can be made to improve reliability, performance or ease of operation.

As to who these could be marketed to? I’m not sure. Maybe an engineering manager. In general TVA’s current plant managers and Regional managers are not well versed in how control changes and upgrades impact reliability and operation / man power costs.

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