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This month GTC Control Solutions successfully delivered a new Technical Support Service to update the Modbus communications between HMIs and our Foxboro DCS. GTC is our go-to supplier and trusted advisor for the Mark equipment and HMI interface, which we use to operate LM5000 turbines.

Due to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the urgency to implement the changes, we accepted the advice offered by GTC based on their experience and ability to carry out the job as a Remote Service.

GTC specialist, Mr. Abel Rochwarger, closely collaborated with our personnel and, in this case, with the Foxboro’s Service Representative. Abel delivered the required files on time and provided online support to install and commission the modifications. He also delivered the report detailing the proceedings with valuable recommendations.

To capture operational parameters of our turbines, these modifications save us time and will prevent transcription errors, ultimately improving the productivity of our Operations personnel.

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