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Appreciation for technical support during trying times, the Martinez refinery performed a GTG major turnaround. The machine is a GE Frame 6B, it is operated/controlled utilizing the GE Mark V control platform (circa 1995).

Due to GE’s inability to support the obsolete Mark V control platform a couple years ago, we reviewed other support options. We chose to purchase Mark V controls components from GTC Control Solutions. They not only provided parts, but also remote technical support during these transactions.
Having experienced very positive knowledgeable support in the past, we decided to utilize GTC to accommodate the controls portion of the 2020 major outage.

Chief engineer, Abel Rochwarger, was scheduled to support the controls set up post TA. He was also commissioned to perform onsite Mark V training to site controls engineers. Due to restrictions and quarantines from COVID-19, we were unable to get Abel to the site. GTC offered full remote support of any and all TA controls needs. The turnaround went well and the controls components SRV, GCV, and IGV’s were all calibrated successfully.

Shortly after startup, the GTG experienced an intermittent failure of an exhaust thermocouple. During the phone consultation with Abel, it was pointed out we had a weakness in the Mark V exhaust spread trip logic. He provided start up technical assistance, expeditiously providing technical solutions minimizing any delays.

We cannot thank Abel and GTC Control Solutions enough for the flawless technical support provided over the last month. The Mark V configuration is complex and always seems to present new challenges.
Having a GTG and Mark V system expert such as Abel makes a huge difference.

Money well spent to minimize start up delay, not to mention a discounted cost for remote support while complying with the worldwide pandemic restrictions.

Thank you Abel and GTC Control Solutions!

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