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At our Bayou Cove plant with 4× 7EA DLN 1.0 in Peaking Service we had a situation with our Megawatt (MW) transducers. One of the two MW transducers connected to each GE Mark V Turbine Control Panel occasionally froze (always the same brand). Due to the “Hi-select” block, the frozen MW transducer caused the units to runback or trip. We consulted with your Chief Engineer, Mr. Abel Rochwarger, and he offered the following solution:

  1. Detect the frozen transducer with quite a, it is fair to say, creative solution.
  2. Replace the “Hi Select” block with a more suitable one that will avoid the unit to runback or trip.

Because of the singularity of the issue, and the trust we developed over the years with GTC’s controls engineering capabilities, we agreed with the plan. The novel solution was implemented and successfully validated. This testimonial is to remark on the continuous support provided by the whole GTC Control Solutions Team with parts, repairs, service, EEPROM backup and care, always with timely responsiveness and a friendly approach. We do not let anybody “touch” our controls because we consider GTC Control Solutions more than a Trusted Advisor: you are part of our team.

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