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Note: Unused and Repair items include a standard 2-Year warranty, and Reman items include a 3-Year warranty. To add years to your warranty, please select from the EXTEND™ Warranty field below.

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Disclaimer: Buyer acknowledges and agrees that all products purchased from GTC for export are subject to control under, and must strictly comply with, U.S. Law including, but not limited to, applicable provisions of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR Part 730 et. seq.) (EAR) and the Economic Sanctions Regulations (31 CFR Parts 501 – 598) (ESR).

GTC’s large inventory investment includes PM-5K-PS2. GTC’s highly skilled technicians have the training and expertise to repair PM-5K-PS2. In addition, our PM-5K-PS2 repairs come with a warranty. Please fill out our Request a Quote form with PM-5K-PS2 in the Subject Line, and/or include PM-5K-PS2 in the Message, for additional information about GTC’s PM-5K-PS2. A GTC Business Development Leader will assist you with your PM-5K-PS2 needs shortly!

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